Growing succulents indoors

How much sun do they really need?

I always get asked if succulents can grow indoors and how much sun they really need. The short answer, Yes! of course. Succulents are great indoors, I am looking at my beautiful Jade plant which I have in the office here, and it is very happy. But it’s only happy because every couple of weeks I take him outside to get a dose of morning sun. I make sure his leaves are clean and not dusty, give him a drink if he needs it and talk to him. Ha! But that’s just me, I love my plants.

The Jade plant I keep in my office is doing great inside. 

The Jade plant I keep in my office is doing great inside. 

They also prefer strong light, so don’t try to grow them in a room where the curtains or blinds are always drawn. You can grow them on the window sill, which is usually a great spot, but it can cause problems if the window is on the western side of the house. Hot afternoon sun burning through glass onto your precious plant is no good, as it will burn the leaves really quickly. Try to find a happy medium within the room, a spot where there is strong light but no direct burning sunlight. Morning sun is great, as long as the sunshine is only coming through the window to around mid-morning. Any later and it can get quite hot through the glass. And of course summer is very different to winter sun. The sun changes position throughout the year, this is something to keep an eye on as well.

A quick guide to sunshine and succulents...

  • Find a spot that has strong light.
  • Be careful of burning hot sun coming through glass as it will burn the leaves.
  • Always take your plants outside every couple of weeks for a dose of direct early morning sun.
  • Give them a drink if needed and make sure their leaves are clean by turning the pot on its side and hosing off the leaves. Works a treat and they will love you for it.
  • Also a good idea to give them a light dose of liquid fertiliser such as sea sol or worm juice every now and then, especially in the summer months.

This is just a guide and you will learn really quickly what works for you and your plants around your home. Don't get too caught up in the details, succulents are known for their easy care.