What to do with those broken leaves?

Succulents can be quite brittle and I often wonder how they hold up in a Brides bouquet. I cannot imagine her throwing it to the single ladies after her wedding either, I imagine there would be quite a few extra succulent leaves strewn about. The leaves are very unique though, and can often be the beginning of a new plant. So if I was one of those single ladies I would be looking for the extra bits and pieces that had broken off the main plant. But then I know what they can become.

Succulent baby

If you purchased succulents while out shopping, bring them home and then realize that some of the leaves have broken off do not despair. Carefully take the leaves and set them aside for a couple of days until the raw ends have healed over or calloused. I use shallow trays to propagate my succulents but you can use any pot or container that you have available. Fill the container with good succulent/cacti mix and lay your leaves on top of the soil. Sometimes I push the calloused end very gently into the soil mix but only slightly. It is very satisfying doing this, as you will have a very good chance of propagating the leaves.

Succulent baby
Succulent baby

Water in your new leaves and leave them in a morning sun position or an area that has strong light. Over time the leaf will form roots and a new baby succulent starts to emerge. How long it takes varies on the type of succulent you are trying to propagate and of course the weather. As long as you can provide some warmth to the new leaves they will do their job and provide you with an extra plant or two.

Steps to creating your own succulent babies

  1. dry the leaves for a couple of days
  2.  lay them onto some good potting medium, and water in.
  3. Leave in a warm, well-lit area or somewhere that has early morning sun.
  4. Do not water again unless the soil has become very dry.