Graptoveria 'Lilac spoons' Topsy Debbie

Graptoveria 'Lilac spoons' Topsy Debbie


Such a pretty succulent, Graptoveria Lilac spoons AKA Graptoveria topsy debbie, cross between Echeveria runyonii Topsy turvy and graptoveria debbie. Colour is lovely, pinkish to mauve. Rosettes form of chubby long leaves with a bulbous end. Prefers morning sun position. Seems relatively easy to grow.

This is an 130mm pot, Picture is representative of what you will receive, but may vary slightly because no two succulents are the same.  

Please note  — due to strict Quarantine laws, sorry but we cannot ship to Western Australia or Tasmania. At this time we cannot ship to the Northern Territory
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