Crassula Ovata Ladyfingers

Crassula Ovata Ladyfingers


Crassula ovata lady fingers, is a beautiful plant that will grow up to 90 cm tall. Part of the Jade family it is highly regarded as a lucky plant and is often referred to as the money tree or another name is skinny fingers.  In winter the plant will show its vibrant colours and turns yellowish tones with reddish tips, bringing in new colour to the garden. Looks great in pots or containers too. Will take full sun and also part shade.

Important: Due to its size this plant may have to be shipped bare rooted.

This is an 130mm pot, Picture is representative of what you will receive, but may vary slightly because no two succulents are the same.  

Please note  — due to strict Quarantine laws, sorry but we cannot ship to Western Australia or Tasmania. At this time we cannot ship to the Northern Territory
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