Euphorbia Neptune Milii

Euphorbia Neptune Milii


Referred to as the Crown of Thorns succulent, it is an evergreen shrub with beautiful coral coloured flower bracts through the warmer months. Neptune is an easy to grow plant tolerating a wide range of conditions but prefers a sunny position in well drained soil. Great in pots or out in the garden. As it is a euphorbia, care must be taken when handling these plants. White sap emerges from leaf breaks, and this sap is poisonous. However I have been growing Euphorbias for years and have never had any problems. If I am out of stock please get in touch. I may have one available

Important - This plant has to be sent bare rooted because of its size. Flowers will be removed prior to shipping.

This is an 130mm pot, Picture is representative of what you will receive, but may vary slightly because no two succulents are the same.  

Please note  — due to strict Quarantine laws, sorry but we cannot ship to Western Australia or Tasmania. At this time we cannot ship to the Northern Territory
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