Senecio Talinoides - narrow leaf chalk stick

Senecio Talinoides - narrow leaf chalk stick


Some of the common names include Blue Senecio, Blue Fingers, Blue Ice Plant, Blue Chalk Sticks. Another name is Kleinia talinoides, can grow up to 40 cm tall and approx 60 cm wide. Also called Blue Chalk sticks because of the lovely bluish colour it becomes. Prefers a morning sun position, beware of frosts and do not over water.

NB: may have to be sent bare rooted because of its height.

Please note  — due to strict Quarantine laws, sorry but we cannot ship to Western Australia or Tasmania. At this time we cannot ship to the Northern Territory
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This is an 80mm pot, Picture is representative of what you will receive, but may vary slightly because no two succulents are the same.  

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