special order succulents

Special order Succulents

We can’t stock everything but we are able to offer special orders if there is something that you are looking for that you can’t see in the shop. Take a look at the list below, use the form below to order and we will be in touch to finalise the order for you. All plants are Subject to availability.

130 ml pots- $18 each- AGAVE
Agave attenuata Kara’s Stripes
Agave celesii v albicans
Agave filifera
Agave geminiflora
Agave guiengola crème brulee
AGAVE- $22 each – 130 ML POTS
Agave desmetiana Joe Hoak
Agave desmetiana Galactic Traveller
Agave isthmensis Butterfly Agave
Agave titanota

Assorted 130 ML POTS - $18 each
Echeveria agavoides corderoyi
Pachypodium fiherense (white)
Pachypodium lameri (White)

130 ML POTS – assorted $14 each
Echeveria Agyntha
Echeveria Albicans
Echeveria Blue Metal
Echeveria cuspidata Zaragoza
Echeveria elina
Echeveria minima
Echeveria rain drops
Echeveria Riga
Echeveria rosularis hybrids
Echeveria victor reiter
Echeveria Virgo
Echeveria Zorro
Kalanchoe beharensis oak leaf
Kalanchoe beharensis silver lining
Kalanchoe hildebrandtii silver spoons
Kalanchoe orygalis copper spoons
Kalanchoe synsepala gremlin
Senecio antadroi
Senecio crassicaulis
Senecio elk’s antlers
Senecio glacier (x mandraliscae chalk sticks)

80 ml pots- $8 each
Anacampseros marlothii
Cremneria chubs
Echeveria Doris Taylor
Echeveria Elina
Graptoveria Stella
Haworthia tessellata Mystery
Rhipsalis clavata
Rhipsalis Cereuscula
Rhipsalis ewaldiana
Rhipsalis mesembryanthemoides

CACTI: 80 ml pots - $8 each
Echinocactus grusconii Golden Barrel
Echinocereus pentalophus
Espostoa Old Man Cactus
Mammillaria assorted
Mammillaria bocasana
Mammillaria gracilis
Mammillaria Prolifera
Parodia haselbergii
Parodia lenhausii Golden Ball Cactus
Parodia magnifica caespitosa
Parodia scopa

Hanging plants 130 ml pots- $16 each
Ceropegia linearis String of needles
Pilea Silver Sprinkles
Senecio rowleyanus Perla Grande
Senecio String of Bananas

130 ML POTS- assorted $22 each
Deuterochona green
Deuterochona fine grey leaf


Please contact us with the list of plants you are interested in and we will be in touch to complete your order. Orders will be compiled the Friday after you contact us and shipped on the Monday.

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