Re-potting cactus


Re-potting cactus can be a tricky job, they are prickly, and can grow huge! Recently I re-potted a very large golden barrel cactus and here is what I learned.

  1. It was heavy, make sure you have somebody to help you if it is large, when they get to this size they are awkward to handle.

  2. Those spikes hurt, and some people use fancy equipment, I wore two pairs of gloves and wrapped the cactus in a towel. This worked well but sometimes you can’t avoid a few spikes getting you.

  3. It takes time. It took us about half an hour, most re-pots only take a couple of minutes but this one needed some thought and care putting into it because we didn’t want to hurt the old plant.

  4. It was worth it, I re-pot this plant up every time we move and is still going strong, there is no way I could leave this guy behind.