How to make your own table-top succulent garden


If planting your succulents in containers, almost anything will do the trick! Just make sure you allow enough room to cater for the roots of the plants, and for sufficient drainage. Repotting is only ever required when the roots start to burst out the base of the pot or become obvious on the surface of the soil. Having trouble with your plants? check out our care post here

Succulent Garden pots make great table centers or gifts. Here is a quick little how to on making your own tabletop succulent garden...

1. Choose a pot, preferably with drainage.

2. Arrange your plants.

3. Fill in with soil.

4. Use a brush to clean away dirt.

5. Add decorative pebbles.

6. Enjoy your new little garden, water when the soil is dry and give them some morning sunshine.

Check out our DIY succulent garden range and get creating!