Succulent care kit

Succulent care kit


Take care of your succulents with this convenient little kit.

Kit contains:
- Soil and pebble scoop, for potting up succulents.
- Air Blower, for removing dust, dirt and debris.
- Shears, for taking cuttings and removing dead leaves.
- Waterer
- Tweezers, for removing pests and debris in prickly or hard-to-reach places
- Widger and Dibber set, for potting up succulents. Carefully scrape away soil around roots and use fork to lift baby succulents.
- Brush, for brushing away soil or treating pests.
- Spray bottle, for pest control.
- Handy drawstring bag keep smaller items together.
- Tips for taking care of your plants

Watch the video here, to see some of the items in action to treat for mealy bug

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